Track Top Adventure

Located at Bahrain International Karting Circuit (BIKC) in Sakhir, the all-new Track Top Adventure is a unique facility that offers both adults and children a series of fun and engaging activities.

Track Top Adventure includes:

  • Children’s Course
  • Continuous Lifeline Course
  • Ziplines
  • Red Course with Ziplines
  • Climbing Wall
  • a pair of exciting Free Fall Jumps.

The Continuous Lifeline Course features eight games. It is accessible to children aged six years old and above.

The Red Course includes 22 games and two Ziplines. A full safety briefing is provided, including demonstrations and system trials.

Some of the games along the courses include:

  • Oscillating Logs
  • A Tibetan Bridge
  • Danish Rings
  • Jamaican Lianas
  • a Maldvian Footbridge
  • Rolling Trapese
  • and a Ronald Ladder, to name a few.


  • When riding the Ziplines, clients are required to sit in a harness
  • All participants must be equipped with gloves in order to have the chance of braking or simply to protect their hands
  • The second of the Ziplines is equipped with an automatic braking system.

The Fall Arrest Blocks are designed to secure users when progressing on a scale.

The Climbing Wall includes two routes for climbing. The client is secured by a Trublue auto belay which, once the customer reaches the top of the wall, allows him to go down gently to the ground.

Meanwhile, the Free Fall Jump feature two platforms that have been installed on the roof. There are two Quick Jump devices. The first one offers a free fall of 1.5 metres. The second device offers a 3.5m free fall.

All these and much more make up the Track Top Adventure, which is now open to all at BIC.