The essence of a track day is simple. A non-competitive event allowing drivers to come to a race circuit and explore their car’s performance in a safe, controlled and professional environment. Driver etiquette is of ultimate importance and so there is no close or aggressive overtaking. Overtaking is by invitation between corners and driving is monitored with poor or dangerous driving dealt with swiftly.

Do I need a driving license?
Driver must be in possession of a full current road driving license or current competitions license. Drivers under the legal age must have a valid National C or higher competition license.
Will I need a crash helmet or other equipment?
Yes, Open face helmets are fine unless your car doesn’t have a windscreen in which case it must be a closed face helmet. In case of a convertible car a full face helmet is mandatory. Off road style motorcycle helmets are not permitted. Helmets can be hired at the circuit. Racing overalls are not required. However drivers and passengers must wear long trousers and closed shoes (No sandals/shorts/thobes permitted) Arms and legs must be covered at all times if you are in an open-top car.
Does my car need to be road registered?
You must show proof of ownership of vehicle being driven. If it is not your vehicle then a letter authorizing you to drive the car on track must be shown. The car must be of a safe standard with no leaks. Rear brake lights must be functional. No single seaters, open wheel cars, or SUV’s are allowed.
Do I need to do anything to my car?
All loose articles inside your car, including the boot must be removed. Ensure your indicators and brake lights are working correctly. A towing eye must be fitted to the front of the car prior to going on circuit. Ensure you have sufficient fuel to complete your session. Ensure there are no fluid leaks, check fluid levels and tyre pressures. It is highly recommended to use performance of racing brake fluid. {The responsibility for ensuring that the car is in safe and suitable condition rests with the driver}
What if I don’t understand the flags?
Every driver must attend a driver safety briefing before driving on track. The instructor will explain track flags/signaling and other important information.
Will my standard insurance cover me for track days?
Probably not, if you damage your car you will be responsible, and although the circuit will have insurance it will only be for Third Party Public Liability.
Can I take extra drivers and passengers?
Extra drivers and passengers are permitted and must sign on at the registration desk. Only one passenger is permitted in the car at any one time. The minimum age for passengers is 15 years old and proof of ID must be shown. Passengers under the age of 18 must have the appropriate section of the Open Track Terms and Conditions form signed by their parent or legal guardian.
Do I need instruction?
Instruction is not compulsory but will be the best investment made. Our instructors will teach you to both go faster and be safer. If you would like instruction during one of the sessions please contact registration desk.
Can I time my laps?
Track days are not competitive so lap timing is not permitted.