The Jaguar Experience at BIC gives motor racing enthusiasts an experience that is fast-paced and exhilarating.

It offers a unique and tailored drive in two vehicles of Jaguar’s most popular model, the Jaguar F-TYPE

The Jaguar Experience is run by a dedicated team who provide an unrivalled thrill that only a certified Jaguar instructor can give.

The experience has been designed to ensure that guests are given a dynamic, hands-on and memorable time.

Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive, the Jaguar F-TYPE is a true sports car that offers specifications that only a Jaguar can provide, effortless performance and precise handling, with everyday refinement and usability.

Designed to deliver pure driving pleasure, the FTYPE’s technical excellence gives it a breadth of capabilities to suit the demands of every driver and every road.


• Maximum weight: 120KG
• Licence required: Valid Driving Licence


• Engine size: 3.0 V6 Supercharged
• Power: 380 Hp, 460 Nm
• 0-100KMH: 4.9sec
• Top Speed: 275 KPH
• Transmission: Eight-speed quick shift automatic
• Weight: 1584 kg