Warning – Patrons are reminded, and hereby AGREE, ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE, that motorsport is dangerous.

1. Patrons are reminded, and hereby AGREE, ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE, that motor racing, the Event and certain activities associated therewith (including, without limitation, support events) are dangerous and accidents can happen. Sanctioning bodies, FIA, Formula One World Championship Limited (FOWC), Formula One Management Limited, Formula One Licensing BV, Formula One Asset Management Limited, Formula One Hospitality and Event Services Limited , Formula One Marketing Limited and any of its affiliates, Organisers of the event (including officials, marshals, rescue, medical staff), Competitors and drivers are not responsible for any loss or damage, howsoever called, to Patrons to the maximum extent permitted by law (except in the case of death or personal injury caused by negligence of the above parties).
2. Use of any tickets allowing entry to the Event, and entry to and presence at the Event, by any person (Patron) is subject to the following conditions:
(a) BIC and/or any person deemed to be an authorised person (Authorised Person) pursuant to the regulations (Regulations), with reasonable cause, may refuse entry to or remove any Patron from the Event.
(b) Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
(c) Tickets may be not be sold, resold, exchanged for fee or reward or other valuable consideration or otherwise commercially dealt with (including resale or transfer as part of a promotion or prize or packaged with hospitality or other products) without the prior written consent of BIC and FOWC (who may attach any conditions they see fit thereto).
(d) If a ticket has been dealt with in contravention of these conditions, the bearer of the Ticket will be denied admission and the ticket will become void.
(e) The Event Programme is subject to change. Upon exit, the ticket holder will not be permitted re-entry from outside the Circuit Area. No Patron, except the holder of a ticket allowing entry to a reserved area or occupation of a reserved seat, shall enter or remain in a reserved area or occupy a reserved seat.
(f) No animals, food and beverages, glasses, chairs, tables, coolers, weapons, drones or vehicles are allowed within the circuit.
(g) No Patron may use the name of the Event or part thereof (nor any abbreviation or foreign language version thereof) nor any logo or graphic device of or relating to the Event for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of FOWC
(h) Without limiting any action available to BIC , It is a condition of entry to the Event that:
(i) Patrons must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage, audio-visual footage information of other data of, at or in relation to, the Event. Equipment that may enable a Patron to do the aforementioned acts is not permitted. Personal electronic devices including sill image cameras, mobile telephones and other handheld personal communications devices are permitted provided that any images, films, recordings and/or data that are created, recorded or stored thereon are used for personal, private and non-commercial use only.
(ii) On request, Patrons shall assign in writing the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any images, films and/or recordings created or recorded at the Event to FOWC and agree that such images, films and/or recordings shall not be used for public advertisement, commercial gain or any other purpose (except private enjoyment) without FOWC’s prior written consent.
(iii) Patrons acknowledge and agree that as a spectator that patron may be filmed or sound recorded for broadcast and waives any rights it may have in relation to this broadcast (or similar transmission)
3. Patrons must adhere to the directive given by the Event Staff. Ticket holder accepts the terms and Conditions of Bahrain International Circuit Company.

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