Second season of BMR600!

Making its official debut last season, the BMR 600 Championship continues giving motorbike enthusiasts a reason to put on that race suit and helmet.

Being the only running motorbike championship in Bahrain, its roster of competitors features an eclectic mix of bikers. The championship is a true test of their driving skills, as they compete in identical Honda Hornet 600cc bikes.

This maiden championship features eight rounds of two races each. Drivers collect points each meeting, in order to determine a champion at season’s end.

The premier motorbike championship at ‘The Home of Motorsport'
The premier motorbike championship at ‘The Home of Motorsport'

Training and licensing of the riders is made available by Bahrain Motor Federation licensed instructor and participant Hussain Al Kooheji.

Last Round’s Results

Round 1

Race 1: 1 James Webster, 2 Mohammed Alateeqi, 3 Mohammed Alzaidan
Race 2: 1 Ali Alshamari, 2 Soud Althani, 3 Mohammed Alzaidan

Download Round 1 Results