One of the most popular sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Bahrain Drag Racing Championship is the biggest drag racing series in the Gulf, attracting competitors from all over the region and beyond.

Scores of fans turn up each round on multiple nights to enjoy head-to-head racing at its finest. The smell of burning rubber. The sound of screeching tyres. The sight of fine-tuned monsters roaring down the strip … it’s a true treat for the senses.

The 2018/2019 season features five rounds. An average of 120 participants flock to BIC’s world-class quarter-mile drag strip for each event. The BIC drag strip is a member of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Worldwide Network.

Head-to-head racing at its finest
Head-to-head racing at its finest

In detail

Each round consists of:

  • Two evenings of Test and Tune
  • One evening for Qualifying
  • One evening for Races

There are 14 competition categories in all. 10 for cars. Four for bikes.

The cars categories
  • Street 4 and 6
  • Outlaw Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD)
  • Super Street 6-Cylinder
  • Outlaw 6-Cylinder
  • Street V8
  • Super Street V8
  • Competition 4.5
  • Outlaw 10.5
  • Pro Mod
  • Index 10.5
The bikes categories
  • Street Bike
  • Super Street Bike
  • Pro Bike
  • Index Bike 9.5

Chasing the Wally

Participants collect points to determine the overall champion from each class. Each champion not only takes home a winner’s trophy. They also win a “Wally” – a distinct honour in drag racing that is given to only a select few around the world who can call themselves champions of NHRA-sanctioned events.

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